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Deviation Deviation from Ideal
from Mental Health
Failure to Function Adequately
Violates unwritten rules Can't deal with day to day living Positive view of self, capable
Incomprehensible to others Suffering, Maladaptiveness, of growth/development,
Makes others feel uncomfortable vividness, unpredictable, independent, accurate
Consider: the norm, importance, irrational, causes observer…

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Change over time , cross cultural Defined by social norms, Jahoda set the bar too high
misunderstanding, context most people functioning and so therefore everyone is
inadequately but aren't `abnormal', cultural relativity
considered abnormal

Biological Approach

Factors affecting obedience: Factors affecting obedience to authority:
1. Setting 1. Legitimacy or authority…

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Drug Therapies (Biological)



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Factors affecting obedience: Factors affecting obedience to authority:
5. Setting 1. Legitimacy or authority
6. Power 2. Social Isolation
7. Awareness 3. Buffers between aggressor and victim
8. Personality 4. Gradual commitment


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Jahoda (Deviation in Mental Health DIMH)

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A very colourful set of notes which includes diagrams, mind maps and clever highlighting.  Very useful!

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