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Abnormality…read more

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( What is Normal and Abnormal)
* Failure To Function Adequately
* Deviation From Social Norms
* Deviation From Ideal Mental Health…read more

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Failure To Function Adequately
* A person is unable to live a normal life or engage in a
normal range of behaviours .
* Focuses on the individuals behaviour and emotions
*Behaviour considered abnormal if it causes stress and prevents them from living
successfully in their culture.
ROSENHAN & SELIGMAN ­ suggested there were 6 features of abnormality the
more present the more abnormal individual considered:
1.Personal distress 2.Maladaptive behaviour 3.Unpredictability
4.Observer discomfort 5.Violation of moral and 6.Irrationality
ideal standards…read more

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Failure To Function Adequately
* some features may be normal E.g. Grieving
at a funeral, so personal distress may be
normal and be abnormal to not be distressed.
* Not clear how extreme behaviour has to be.
* Cultural Relativism- different depending on
cultures.…read more

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Deviation From Social Norms
* This Theory suggests that people who break/Reject social Norms
and behave in a socially deviant way should be regarded as
Abnormal E.g. Schizophrenia sometimes shout and swear.
* CONTEXT- before behaviour can be labelled, the situation has to be
defined E.g. ­ seeing someone walk past you naked would be
abnormal but knowing you were on a nudist beach would make it
* Not a Universal Definition as is limited to the norms of a given
society at any one time
* Norms change over time E.g. Homosexuality
* To be socially deviant isn't always bad E.g. The suffragettes, or Rosa
Parks.…read more

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Deviation From Ideal Mental Health
* Concentrates on defining the normal
characteristics people should possess.
* Jahoda ­ identified 6 criteria relating to mental health. They are required
for living to the full. The further away they are form these ideas the more
abnormal they are:
1. Positive attitude 2. Potential for growth 3.Autonomy
towards self and development
4. Resistance to 5.Environmental mastery 6.Accurate perception
stress of reality…read more

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