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A View From The Bridge…read more

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· Has lived in America for 25 years
· He is seen as the narrator of the play, only appears as a character when
Eddie goes to him about Catherine and Rodolpho.
· He knows the story and he knows how it will end, he tells us that the play
will "run its bloody course"
· "There is too much love for the daughter, there is too much love for the
niece, do you understand what I'm saying to you?"
· When Eddie plans to tell immigration about Marco + Rodolpho, Alfieri tells
him "you won't have a friend in the world.. Put it out of your mind."…read more

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Eddie Carbone
· 40 year old American.
· He is described as a "husky, slightly overweight longshoreman"
· He is the man of the house.
· He doesn't trust people very easily and tells Catherine "the less you trust,
the less you be sorry."
· Finds it hard to admit that Catherine is no longer a little girl, "I guess I just
never figured.. That you would ever grow up."
· Tries to prevent Rodolpho from marrying Catherine as his feelings are
growing stronger.…read more

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· 17 years old.
· Orphaned daughter of Beatrice's sister, Nancy.
· Attractive, energetic and cheerful yet also naive.
· Loves Eddie like a father and wants his blessings for everything she does.
· Tries to convince Eddie to talk to Rodolpho, "Why don't you talk to him
Eddie? He blesses you, and you don't talk to him hardly"
· She blames herself for Eddies death.. "Eddie, I never meant to do nothing
bad to you."…read more

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· She is Eddies wife.
· Cares for Catherine as if she were her own daughter.
· She is a loving, caring person.
· She is anxious as to not upset Eddie, "I'm just worried about you."
· She is aware of Eddies feelings for Catherine and she confronts him about
their marriage, "When am I gonna be a wife again Eddie?"
· Encourages Catherine to be more independent, later tells Catherine she
needs to stand up for herself. "It means you gotta be your own self more"
· She is brave enough to tell Eddie the truth about him and Catherine, "You
want somethin' else Eddie, and you can't have her!"…read more

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· 32 years old, has a wife and three children.
· Originated from Sicily
· Has a lot in common with Eddie as they are both family men, working hard
trying to earn a living.
· Extremely polite and anxious as to not outstay his welcome.
· Very protective over Rodolpho, "you come home early now"
· He has a clear sense of justice, he feels strongly, that when Eddie snitched
to the immigration, he has killed his children "That one! He killed my
· It was not Marco who had hold of the knife at the end of the play, but it
was Eddie, so maybe it wasn't Marco's intention to kill Eddie but his own.…read more

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