A Streetcar Named Desire notes for scene 7

A Streetcar Named Desire notes for scene 7

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Scene Seven
This short scene is full of dramatic contrasts as the cheerful mood of Blanche singing in the
bath and Stella arranging the birthday table is shattered when a triumphant Stanley comes in
with his details about Blanche's past
Dramatic Impact
The dramatic impact of this scene is emphasised by Stanley's shocking account of Blanche's
behaviour which is contrasted with her sentimental song from the bathroom
Yet, the full dramatic impact of the scene relies not on the details of her past, but on her
ignorance of what is happening outside the bathroom. This increases the dramatic tension ­
will she overhear?
Contrapuntally ­ meaning as an accompaniment, but in a different, contrasting mood.
Illustrated here by the use of two speakers, one commenting on the other, usually in derogatory
Blanche's endless baths symbolise her need to constantly wash away her sins
Her singing of "Paper Moon" ­ " it wouldn't be make-believe if you believed in me" ­
symbolises that Blanche's hopes of a future with Mitch rest in him believing her act. This is
now unlikely to happen as Stanley has told him about her past


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