A streetcar Named Desire Scene 1

Hi, just thought id make a quick mindmap with notes from A Streecar Named Desire Scene 3. Hope its helpful. Im not too sure what my exam board is but enjoy!! :)

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  • A streetcar Named Desire
    • Blanche
      • Initially portrayed as a negative character
      • Blanche craves alcohol from early on in the play
      • Aware of social distinctions
      • Her attitude to eunice and the other women foreshoadwos her condemnation of stanley
      • She is vain and needs flattery
      • Afraid of growing old and loosing her looks
      • Clearly vulnerable
      • Only Blanche can hear the polka music
      • She is compared to a moth
      • Symbolism and imagery
        • Blanches white clothes ironically suggest virginal connotations
        • Her constant drinking symbolizes her inability to cope with reality and her desire to forget the past
        • Hearing the polka music symbolizes her thinking about her dead husband
        • Blanche's obsession with her looks symbolises her inablity to cope with reality. We all become old and loose out looks
    • Stanley
      • He makes a big impact in scene 1
        • Symbolism and Imagery
          • Stanley's animal sexuality is symbolised by numerous stage directions
          • Stanley's butcher package symbolises blood, danger, violence and his primitive qualities
          • Stanley's characterisation being brash, loud and arrogant is symbolic of thw New South
      • He is described in the stage directions as a 'gaudy seed-bearer'
      • The entrane with the package of meat symbolizes his primitive qualities
      • He is cocky and insensitive
      • His entrance underscores the intense sexual bond between him and Stella
      • Stanley tossing the meat is exciting to Stella
    • New Orleans
      • Cosmopolitan city where all faces mingle freely
      • Elysian Fields means paradise or the home of the blessed
      • Not Blanches idea of heaven
    • The Apartment
      • The doors and windows are always open
        • Symbolizes how Stanley and the others leave everything out in the open
      • Belle Reve is the name of the Dubois family's former plantation
        • Belle Reve translates as beautiful dream
        • This is appropriate because all that is left now is the dream
      • Symbolism and Imagery
        • The cramped apartment is symbolic of all the characters being thrown together and the claustrophobic lives they lead
    • Tennessee Williams
      • Stage Directions
        • The blue piano music is used to symbolize the Elysian fields area of New Orleans
          • Symbolism and Imagery
            • The music of the blue piano symbolises the vitality and pleasure of the French Quarter of New Orleans
        • The polka music is obviously important
        • They are used to draw attention to the two main characters; Blanche and Stanley


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