A Streetcar Named Desire notes for scene 5

A Streetcar Named Desire notes for scene 5

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Scene 5
Threatening undertone runs through the scene beginning with Eunice's accusations of
infidelity at which when Stanley says she got a drink instead of the police Stella replies
`That's much more practical' which helps the reader comprehend the frequency of the
Blanche admits her past liaisons to Stella and recognises that they were just a way of
asserting her existence `men don't even admit your existence unless they're making love to
Once again Stanley undresses while in conversation with Blanche `[while he is dressing]'
Talks to Stella about her attempts to gain the protection of male friends, reminds us of her
fragility, vulnerability and justified fears of loosing her beauty `I'm fading now'
`I've got to be good and keep my hands off children' this directs the reader to her
indiscretions in Laurel, Blanche does not appear to be a predator as she flirts with the
paperboy, so much as sad and pathetic. She is drawn to children who are innocent as she
imagines herself to be. Trapped emotionally in a fictional past, `young man! Young, young,
young, young ­ man!'
After Blanche's monologue about her promiscuity in Laurel, Stella begins to notice a slip in
Blanches mental stability and a crack in her facade
Blanche says to Stanley `you love to bang things around' this has a double meaning for his
beating of Stella and also contains some sexual connotations
He jumps straight in to questioning Blanche after scoffing at her saying her star sign means
virgin `do you happen to know somebody named Shaw'
He refuses to kiss Stella around Blanche, this could be animalistic, showing that he does not
want to be affectionate towards her whilst another possible conquest is watching
Stella does not find the humour in the letter that Blanche is writing to Shep, perhaps she is
bored with Blanches lies and deceit
During Stanley and Blanche's conversation she only interjects once to tell Blanche of Stanley's
birthday which shows her as being merely an obstacle between Stanley and Blanche

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