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Notes on A Chip in the Sugar 

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A chip in the sugar notes
`mummy's boy'
Middle class aspirations, educated
Loves/protective of mother
Stuck in the past
Reversed roles
`Single bed' no partner, own bedroom, own space ­ likes his privacy, inward
looking. Still relying on his space infantilises him like a child. His room is his
place of retreat. Doesn't care about appearance, comfort ­ functional, their for
a purpose. Retreating from the world, emotionally withdrawn.
Analepsis ­ telling the narrative in an Analepsis
Repetition of `I said, she said' ­ childlike, infantilises, makes him seem naïve
`Of course I knew what had brought it on' ­ they are very close, Graham thinks
he is superior and has more knowledge than his mum
Bathos for humour, he is her carer.
Frame in narrative ­ two parallel stories, talks about yesterday. When he can't
deal with yesterday's story he comes out of the framing narrative
Jealousy `I didn't know you had a past. I thought I was your past'. Doesn't
realise she had a life before he was born
Suffering from senility
Turnbull ­ related to traitor, forceful. Character lives up to his descriptive name
`Reading matter' instead of `newspaper' tries to sound high class
Tries to prove his liberal attitudes
Takes the audience into confidence
Boosts his own self esteem
Supercilious and thinks he is better
The past
`You had a fall yesterday' then met Turnbull ­ falling for him
Took tea to his mother ­ wants to be normal carer
Graham is there to look after his mother
`Next day right as rain' dementia, doesn't remember
`We like old buildings'
Mr Turnbull signifies change, Graham likes the past

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Past mental illness ­ afraid of it coming back ­ isolated, doesn't want to
work/go out/mum tells him to take tablets
Everyday and mundane details
Stage directions ­ functional, boring, dull setting
Graham notices small details
`A chip in the sugar' ­ confirms he is better and doesn't like change
Irrelevant things in difficult conversations ­ toilet, making a cup of tea
Calls ordinary things unnecessarily high register to make him sound superior
`We were just letting our midday meal go down' he has…read more


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