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Suicide Essay

Item A
Durkheim used suicide to demonstrate that a scientific sociology was possible.
Using official statistics he demonstrated that integration and regulation determined
the type and levels of suicide. Durkheim's work has had a lasting influence on the
sociology of crime and deviance in terms of the way…

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Durkheim's structural causal theory of suicide has influenced the way that deviance is
explained e.g. subcultural, environmental and realist theories offer causal explanations of
Durkheim's contribution can be seen by a strength by Cavan that explains that suicide rates
in Chicago are higher in areas that have lower levels…

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Douglas found that acts of suicide in Western societies could be understood in terms of
various individual meanings: repentance, escape, revenge or a search for either help or
sympathy. He concluded that suicide is an individual act which has personal and social
meanings and varies between cultures. Douglas' work has…




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