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Religion, Renewal and Change
Postmodernity & Religion

Religion is changing not declining
This is because of changes in wider society such as greater individualism and
Argues against the secularisation thesis

Believing Without Belonging (Davie)

Religion is not declining but simply taking a more privatised form
People no longer attend…

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1. Pilgrims: Follow an individual path in a search for self-discovery
2. Converts: Join religious groups that offer a strong sense of belonging, usually based
on a shared ethnic background

As a result religion no longer acts as a source of collective identity. Religion does still have
influences on societys…

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2. It is human nature to seek rewards and avoid costs
Religion is attractive becos it provides us w/compensators
When real rewards are unobtainable, religion compensates by promising supernatural
ones. Eg. Promising life after death

Stark and Bainbridge put forward the concept of a cycle of religious decline, revival and…

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Existential Security Theory (Norris and Inglehart)
× Criticise Religious Market Theory on the grounds that it only applies to America and
fails to explain the religiosity between different societies
× Existential Security: the feeling that survival is secure enough that itt can be taken for

Religion meets a need…


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