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1 ­ Different theories of ideology science and
religion, including both Christian and
Non-Christian traditions

Theories of ideology ­ Marxist, Neo-Marxist, Marxist ­ See ideology as a set of ruling ideas
pluralist, feminist that keep workers is their place ­ a false picture
imposed by the ruling class to keep…

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Profane = Ordinary things which have no special
Religion has rituals and practices which are
Durkheim ­ sacred things create powerful
feelings as the represent someone powerful ­
this can only be society? ­ when people worship
sacred things they are essentially worshiping
society ­ Studies of tribes…

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un-pure during menstruation/pregnancy and
childbirth etc.

2 ­ The relationship between religious beliefs
and social change and stability

Functionalism ­ conservative force, inhibition of Religion as a conservative force
change, collective consciousness, Durkheim and -Stabilises society
totemism, anomie ­ civil religions -keeps society and communities together
-integrates people
Functionalism (Durkheim,…

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new theology on the side of the oppressed
groups ­ argued that wealth and land should be
distributed equally = a set of religious beliefs
created an ideology which encourages
Other instances where religion has become a
radical force ­ Cargo cults ­believed that the
ships bearing cargo would…

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encouraged religion groups to take over
welfare services.
Patt Robertson ­ One leader of moral majority
who said when fundamentalism took over there
would be no satanic church, no free distribution
of pornography, no abortion and no rights for
Fundamentalism in Iran
The Shah ­ felt traditional Islamic culture…

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Membership is available to anyone ­ most are
born into it ­ commitment is usually more than
At least several generations old (about 30
Don't believe they have the only version of the
truth just that they have the best approach ­
slightly stricter than churches.

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Wanted life back to how it was and opposed
Wanted a religious movement that changed with
the times (world affirming)
Blacks don't feel welcomed in established white
churches (world accommodating)
M/c women want the world to change and see
opportunities arising for women (world
New age movements…

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sect's ­ organismic deprivation ­ can stem from
emotional illness ­ women are likely to seek
healing from religions.
Ethnicity and religion Immigrants and cultural identity
Immigrants from Sth. Asia and West Indies
continue to follow their own religions when they
move to UK ­ find comfort in their religions…

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Globalisation and belief systems including
Post modernity ­ end of meta-narratives, Decline of
spiritual shopping meta-narratives
­people no longer
Old theories of religion are no longer relevant. accept them due to
religious divisions,
wars, politics,
communism and
Rise and fall of science
­ Damage to the
environment by…

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not participate in it ­
Functional definition world is left to run
Religion is characterised in terms of its functions according to the laws
for the individual and society ­ religion is of nature ­ explains
un-conclusive ­ functions may be performed science etc ­
through media ­ tv, football…


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