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Religion as a conservative force

1. Conservative in the sense of being `traditional' ­ it upholds traditional beliefs about how
society should be organised
2. Functions to maintain the status quo (keep things the same)

Religions conservative beliefs

Most religion have traditional conservative beliefs
For example, the Catholic Church forbids…

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Secondly driven by their work ethic, the earned more money as they reinvested in
their businesses which grew and prospered, they continued to make more and
more money and defo though this was a sign of God

Evaluation Karl Kautsky, argues that Weber
overestimates the role of ideas and

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The New Christian Right

o Gained its reputation in the 1960s because of its opposition to the liberalising of
American society
o Aims to "take America back to God" ­ make abortion, homosexuality and divorce
o TNC believes strongly in the traditional family and traditional gender roles
o Campaigns…

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This was a major change for the Catholic Church in Latin America

Factors led to the emergence of liberation theology were:

Human rights abuses following military take overs, such as false imprisonment,
torture and death squads. For example, in Argentina
The growing commitment among Catholic priests supported the poor and…


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