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· Explain the purpose of meiosis and how
it differs from mitosis.
Mitosis produces the cells of the body.
When they split they produce identical cells
with a complete set of DNA. They are
exactly like their parents. It only has one
division and that leads to two cells.
Meiosis produces the gametes- the
reproductive cells. Meiosis goes through two
divisions, one in meiosis 1 and one in
meiosis 2. In the end, it results in four cells
and each cell only contains half of the
genetic material.
· What are gametes?
Gametes are reproductive cells that unite
during sexual reproduction to form a new
cell called a zygote.
· What do the terms diploid and haploid
Haploid is having a single set of unpaired
chromosomes. Diploid is containing two
complete sets of chromosomes.…read more

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· 1) 4 chromosomes
· 2)32
· 3) 2x 32= 64…read more

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Stages of meiosis…read more

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