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2.3.1 Controlling the Spread of Infectious Diseases

(a) Infectious Disease
An infectious disease is a disease that can be spread from one organism from another.
They are caused by pathogens .

(b) Epidemic, Endemic and Pandemic
An endemic is an infectious disease that is always present in a population or…

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(e) Transmission
HIV is transmitted through the mixing of bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, breast milk and
semen. This occurs through sharing of used needles, unprotected sex and breast feeding.

(f) Antibiotics
Antibiotics are used to treat diseases caused by bacteria. They can cause the inhibition cell
wall synthesis,…

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the end of the process, a banding pattern for all the separated fragments of DNA will be
produced and the given pattern can be compared to other plant species for a relationship

(k) Seed Banks
Kew Gardens are collecting seeds from many plant species all over the world and…


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