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1905 Revolution
Russo Japanese war suffered defeat
Industrial recession & bad harvest
Instead of listening to petition attacked no longer little father
Denying freedom of religious & political expression
Tsar promised things but nothing had changed

Government response
october manifesto ­ civil liberties
union of Russian…

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Tsar supporters final change

Concequences of the 1905 Revolution

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Social & Economic causes:

80% population = peasants, most living in poverty - rapid population growth led to land
harvest failures 1892, 1898 & 1901 led to widespread famine - peasant reacted w/ violence
agriculture remained backwards, economy grew rapidly
towns & cities population grew rapidly…

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armed forces = key to success/failure of revolution
not widespread but received publicity & helped undermine Tsar's authority
at no time during the revolution was the army likely to turn against the regime

St Petersburg Soviet:

product of general strike, Oct 1905 - assembly of workers
groups of workers…

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Fundamental Law, 1906:

Tsar survived revolution & issued `Fundamental Law' - became constitution of Russian
created national parliament, Lower House (Duma) = elected, Upper House (Council of
State) = partly elected & partly nominated by Tsar
Article 87 gave Tsar right to govern by decree, thus ignoring parliament


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