The Russo Japanese War - History AS

Mindmap of casuses, events and ideas in the Russo Japanese war 

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  • Russo Japanese War
    • Reasons Russia wanted a war
      • To obtain Ice free ports
      • To persue an expansionist policy in the Far East
      • To distract attention from Russia's domestic troubles and rally the nation in patriotic struggle
    • Events
      • Russian surrender in Mukden, February 1905
      • Port Arthur fell to Japan in January 1905
      • Russian Fleet destroyed at Tsushima, May 1905
    • Why did Russia go to war?
      • They believed that Japan was inferior and that they would win
      • Territorial disputes between Japan and Russia over Korea and Manchuria
    • How did the war end?
      • The Russian Batalic Fleet got blown out of the water by the Japanese Fleet at Tsushima in May1905
        • Forced the Tsar to make peace with Japan
      • The Treaty of Portsmouth
        • Russia withdrew her troops from Manchuria
        • Agreed that the Japanese could have control of Port Arthur and Korea
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    • Untitled
  • Why did Russia loose the war?
    • Military commanders were not prepared effectively
    • Russia did not understand the enemy teritory
    • Russia had an unimaginative strategy
    • Russian troops had little resources becuase it was difficult to transport weapons across Western Russia
    • Concequences of Loosing the war
      • National humiliation
      • Incompetence of the government was revealed to public
      • Social unrest
      • Tension


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