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· Evaluation criteria:
· transferability of data
· Understand the need for · robustness
establishing evaluation · user support
criteria, to include; · resource
· agreed problem requirements
specification including hardware,
· functionality software and human
· performance ­ use of · upgradability
benchmarks · portability
· usability and human- · financial issues ­
machine interfaces ­ development cost
· compatibility with ­ development
existing software base opportunities.…read more

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· Evaluation report:
· Understand the function of an
evaluation report and know that the
content will include:
methodology used
actual evaluation
justification.…read more

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· An organisation may invest a lot of time,
effort and money into a new software
system, i.e. National Health Service are
considering a £35,000,000,000 new
· Evaluation must be done first to ensure
the software is right for its purpose.
· In some cases a generic package is
suitable, in other cases a new bespoke
system is required.
· Software failure is common due to the
system made up wrongly or software bugs,
this causes much more time, effort and…read more

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· An evaluation copy of generic software is
generally free for the organisation to test against
their requirements.
· When a system is written from new a prototype
version (limited functions) may be offered for the
organisation to gauge the efficiency and
· A new version of an existing software program
may be tried to see whether it is better than the
existing version.…read more

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· Some software is able to do more than one
task, i.e. office.
· Checks need to be done to see whether the
organisation cannot use or modify
existing software.
· Software should be purchased from
reputable manufacturers, or those where
there is a history of good service, discount,
· Good after care service is very important
for assistance dealing with teething
troubles after implementation.…read more

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