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14.6 Human Computer Interaction…read more

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Human Computer Interaction
· The design, evaluation and
implementation of interactive computer
· The improvement of human computer
interaction is important as it allows the
users to work more efficiently and more
· Easy of use and navigation can increase
job satisfaction and reduce stress.…read more

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Physical Factors
· Computers used in the workplace:
­ Ergonomics: the design and functionality of the
working environment.
­ Lighting: use of lighting to avoid glare, shades
on windows etc.
­ Noise: from printers, fans, photocopiers.
­ Temperature: heat from machinery, air-
­ Furniture: seating, keyboards, table height,
monitor etc.
­ Environmental conditions: electricity savings
etc.…read more

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Psychological Factors
· Careful design of programs by software
designers, an understanding of how humans
receive, process and store information can be
used to design effective user-friendly interactive
· To more complex a program appears doesn't
always mean that it has many features, it could
have poor human interaction.
· Manuals need to be written sympathetically to
the users skills without any assumptions being
made to their skills level.…read more

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· Sight:
­ The eye is less sensitive to blue light than red or
green so important information should not be
displayed in blue.
­ Many people are colour blind so reds and greens may
be confused.
· Hearing:
­ Mainly used for warning sounds, and distinctive
sounds are used for different functions.
· Touch:
­ Important in keyboard and mouse design.
­ Motor skills in pointing and clicking, enlarge targets /
icons.…read more

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· Designs to assist:
· Short term memory: used to remember data
entries when keying in, i.e. a long string of
numbers should be designed into smaller
· Long term memory: storage of information, from
facts and experience, limitless capacity, slower
access time, and harder to forget.
· Contradicting images: icons should display an
image we associate with the command, i.e.
printer image for printing, or floppy disk for
saving, red colour for stop.…read more

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