1.3 Elements of Life

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1.3 Elements of Life
Shells of Electrons
Shell Electron Configuration No. of Electrons
n=1 2x e in s subshell 2
n=2 2x e in s subshell 8
6x e in p subshell
n=3 2x e in s subshell 18
6x e in p subshell
10x e in d subshell
n=4 2x e in s subshell 32
6x e in p subshell
10x e in d subshell
14x e in f subshell
Subshells of Electrons
Subshell Max No. of Electrons
s 2
p 6
d 10
f 14
Atomic Orbitals
Subshell No and type of Orbital Orbital Shapes
s 1x sorbital
p 3x porbitals
d 5x dorbitals
f 7x forbitals
All dorbitals full

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Electronic Configuration
Electron configuration is show in
boxes with one electron spinning
upwards and another spinning
downwards. The picture to the
left shows the electron
configurations for the elements of
period 2.
Electron configuration can be
written short hand as [nearest
noble gas] and then the following
e.g.…read more


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