Stem Cells (the Disadvantages and Advantages)

The advantages and disadvantages of research using stem cells (embryonic and adult).


Stem Cells (the Disadvantges and Advantages)


  • (Embryonic Stem Cells) easy to extract from embryo
  • (Embryonic Stem Cells) produce any type of cell
  • (All Stem Cells) replace faulty cell with healthy cell, so the person is well again
  • (Adult Stem Cells) no embryo is destroyed so not an ethical issue
  • (Adult Stem Cells) if taken from the person to be treated, will not cause rejection by the body


  • (Embryonic Stem Cells) embryo destroyed when cells removed - some people think embryos have a right to live
  • (Embryonic Stem Cells) body recognises the cells as 'different' and will reject them without the use of drugs
  • (All Stem Cells) may produce cancer cells instead of healthy cells
  • (Adult Stem Cells) difficult to find and extract from tissue
  • (Adult Stem Cells) produce only a few types of cell


So, overall both embryonic and adult stem cells replace the faulty cell with a healthy cell, so the person is well again. They also both may produce a cancer cell instead of a healthy one, which is a risk. Embryonic stem cells are easy to extract from the embryo and can produce any type of cell, but the downside of using embryonic stem cells is that the embryo is destroyed when the cell is removed, this is an ethical issue because some people believe that embryos have a right to live. The body also recognises the cells as 'different' and will reject them without the use of drugs. With adult stem cells the embryo is not destroyed, so it isn't an ethical issue. If the adult stem cell is taken from the person to be treated, it will not cause rejection in the body. However adult stem cells are difficult to find and extract from the tissue and can only produce a few types of cell.




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