Squealer - Propaganda / Vyacheslav Molotov




  • supports Napoleon and comes up with excuses for him - "no one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal."
  • Squealer is a coward - he was "unaccountable absent" from the battle of the cowshed
  • Squealer is dishonest and changes the commandments - "near at hand there lay a lantern, a paintbrush and an overturned pot of white paint."
  • Squealer is quite sinister - "he cast a very ugly look at Boxer"
  • squealer attempts to trick the animals into following napoleon and believing life is better, he does this by reading long lists of statistics that are hard to understand quickly making it hard for the animals - "in a shrill rapid voice" he reads statistics such as "more oats, more hay, more turnips"
  • He uses the animals emotions against them, Squealer constantly uses rhetorical questions to get the animals to do as he says - "surely there is no one among you who wants to see Jones come back?"
  • Squealer is a good speaker - he "can turn black into white"
  • Squealer has the main role of eliminating all opposition to Napoleon, this means by convincing life under napoleon is better
  • Orwell's aim is to use Squealer to show how politicians use language to control people. this theme is developed in Orwell's novel '1984' in which it is given the term doublespeak
  • Squealers name is significant as it is both an unpleasant, shrill nice made by pigs but is also a slang term for betrayal.
  • Squealer is said to represent Vyacheslav Molotov, Stalin's Prime Minister and supporter.
  • He is also said to represent propaganda

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • squealer is responsible for the changes to the commandment
  • He confesses the animals and causes them to doubt their own memories
  • He connives the animals that life is better with Napoleon
  • Squealer grows fatter as the story progresses, as he benefits from working for Napoleon
  • Through out the novel we soon can tell that squealers propaganda is much more sinister than just getting the animals to obey Napoleon, its also used to eliminate those who doubt him. the way Squealer treats the animals shows how dismissive the propagandist's attitudes towards those he exploits were.




hi what are the differences and ressemblences

between vyacheslav molotov and squealer