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  • Oscar Romero was very outspoken about what he believed in and showed a corrupt government what was wrong. He was always cheerful and happy and never negative. Even when he was shot at mass is last words were "I hope God has mercy on my killer".
  • Mother Teresa was caring and put others before herself, she was compassionate towards everyone she met and thought to help the poor she had to become poor, she dedicated her life to missionary work when she was 18.
  • Martin Luther King was hard working ad persistent, even when things were not going his way he always tried again.
  • Gee Walker is very brave and has shown forgiveness and mercy towards murderers who killed her son.
  • Gandhi was a non-violent activist who demonstrated patience and an open mind, he did this because even though he did not believe in Christianity he followed a lot of christian teachings.
  • Oscar Romero fought against social injustice in El Salvator for the poor. The country was run by 14 families who were corrupt and only cared about the rich despite being quite a poor country.
  • Mother Teresa would sure the pro unable to afford health care, she one nursed a women who had TB, she cared for those with AIDs even though it is not curable. She would wash and clean sores all over peoples body and she also nursed the lepers. Although she isn't she showed the christian love as Jesus did when he cured a leper.
  • Martin Luther King was a peaceful protester who believed everything could achieved by non-violent methods, he stop up against segregation. He said "I ad a dream that my four little children will one day like in nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of there character.
  • Gee Walker has a massive amount faith towards God and Christianity and she believes that she does not have the right to hold a grudge towards her sons murderer because God will take care of it.
  • Gandhi fought for India's rights whilst they were trying to separate form Britain

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  • When Oscar Romero became Archbishop it was because the pope at the time thought he would cause no issues but he was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in. One of the Priests in El Salvator was shot and this triggered Romero to stand up to social injustice.
  • Mother Teresa' father died when she was 8 and she was brought up a strict Roman Catholic who was intrigued by spreading the faith. when she was 18 she left to be a missionary for the blessed Virgin Mary Institute
  • Martin Luther King read the bible as a child and got the impression that Jesus was benevolent and he was made angry that people below Jesus did not treat everyone equally.
  • Gee Walker decided that packing on the hate would only make it harder to mourn the death of her son so she decided to forgive them
  • Gandhi saw injustice towards India and with the belief he had in different faiths he could stand up against them, it was just getting people to listen
  • Romero was unafraid of the death threats because as a Christian he did not believe he could die but he would be resurrected and the killers fate would be up to the decision of God.
  • When Mother Teresa was 18 her faith was at the strongest, she felt connecting with God was like connecting with her father. She wanted to be just lie Jesus.
  • Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis and his father was a baptist minister as was he before he become a civil rights activist.
  • Being a good Christian family, Dominique, Anthony's sister would also forgive the murderers because Jesus taught forgive 77x7
  • Gandhi was a lawyer but always dressed like a poor person.


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