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To what extent is SHL's £70m sales revenue objective in 2016 realistic in the context of its current performance? Justify your view.

Should SHL pursue aggressive growth through the sale of Harvey franchises? Justify your view. 

Evaluate the potential financial and non-financial rewards that SHL's stakeholders might gain if SHL purchased a 25% equity stake in 'mardidi'.

Discuss how SHL should strategically respond if direct taxation was to be increased in the UK.

Evaluate the issues SHL faces from sourcing its suppliers offshore.

Should SHL continue to invest in sponsorship as it seeks to achieve its objectives for 2016? Justify your view. 

Recommend and justify a strategy which would enable SHL to reduce the time it takes a typical product from initial conception to distribution.

Recommend and justify a strategy which could enable SHL to better respond to changes in the UK social environment. 

Discuss the extent to which SHL's staff can influence the ability of SHL to achieve its objectives. 


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