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Revision Checklist
F297- Business studies

Topic Business Objectives and Strategy Revised
Objectives Understand tactic and strategic objectives
Objectives Know the difference between short term tactics and long term strategy
Objectives Understand importance of business informing and communicating objectives
through mission statements (statement of the purpose of a company or…

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Topic External Variables Revised
Macro Factors What are the causes of market failure? Can you explain them? Also can you
assess government and other stakeholder responses to this failure?
Macro Factors Understand labour markets and the impact of shortages, surpluses and net
Macro Factors Understand terms and explain…

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Topic Change Revised
Change Understand communication methodologies, effective consultation and
shared values. What are the barriers to communication, overload and
Change What are the causes of change
Change Assess approaches to management of change
Change Understand incremental as against catastrophobic, crisis and contingency
Change Assess role of…


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