OCR F297 Revision Checklist

Revision checklist covering all the areas of the syllabus

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Revision Checklist
F297- Business studies
Topic Business Objectives and Strategy Revised
Objectives Understand tactic and strategic objectives
Objectives Know the difference between short term tactics and long term strategy
Objectives Understand importance of business informing and communicating objectives
through mission statements (statement of the purpose of a company or
organization) and corporate plans (steps to achieve a department's mission)
Objectives How stakeholders objectives may affect decisions and behaviours of
Objectives Understand, asses and explain conflicts between risk and reward
Planning Use business analysis methods such as SWOT and apply them to the
Planning How do objectives influence corporate behaviours?
Stakeholder How do stakeholders objectives and macroeconomic objectives (behaviour
Objectives of the aggregate economy i.e. unemployment, national income growth and
inflation) effect behaviour and decisions made by a business
Topic Business Analysis Revised
Market Why must businesses constantly review the market and environmental
Analysis aspects along with international data
Forecasting Know the time series analysis and its importance and use
Data analysis Importance of data analysis when gathering information and summarising
Decision The Ansoff's matrix: How does this help with decision making and assess the
Making usefulness of this?
Decision Decisions trees: How do you draw a decision tree? and What is the use of
Making this type of diagram for a business?
Decision Critical Path analysis: How can you draw a critical path analysis? And How can
Making it be used as a means of allocating resources?
Decision Application of ICT: How will this aid decision making? and Understand
Making management information systems
Decision Look at the implications of certain decisions
Measuring Importance and significance of employee determination for contribution
Business towards objectives. For example productivity and absenteeism
Measuring Calculate, interpret and analysis business performance through use of ratios
Business including returns on capital and profability, shareholders rewards, return on
Performance investment, liquidity, solvency, activity
Business Asses and measure capital structure and gearing
Measuring Understand budgets and importance of budgets when looking into
Business communication, control and motivation and the effect of budgets on these
Performance aspects
Measuring Knowledge of adverse and favourable and positive variables and the causes of
Business these variables

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Topic External Variables Revised
Macro Factors What are the causes of market failure? Can you explain them? Also can you
assess government and other stakeholder responses to this failure?
Macro Factors Understand labour markets and the impact of shortages, surpluses and net
Macro Factors Understand terms and explain interest rates, exchange rates, taxation rates.…read more

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Topic Change Revised
Change Understand communication methodologies, effective consultation and
shared values.…read more


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