OCR 21st Century P3 Renewable Energy Sources

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OCR 21st Century P3 Renewable Energy Sources


  • There is an unlimited supply of renewable energy sources so they won't run out anytime soon.
  • Wave, tidal and hydroelectricity can all turn turbines directly unlike non-renewable energy sources so it saves money and energy.
  • Renewable Energy sources do not release any harmful pollutants into the air so it doesn't result in global warming.
  • Most of the renewable energy sources are useful in remote areas and on small scales. For example, on small islands.
  • Biofuels are carbon neutral which means that the same amount of carbon dioxide is released when burnt as is absorbed when the plant is growing.


  • Most of the renewable energy sources are much more expensive to work with as they need a lot of engineering. Renewable energy sources usually need bigger power stations so it will become more expensive to maintain it.
  • Usually, renewable energy sources don't provide as much energy when burnt or used as non-renewable energy sources do so when the demand for energy rises, renewable energy sources will not be able to meet the demand on it's own.
  • They do damage the environment but in a less indirect and severe way. For example, noise pollution and visual pollution is made by wind turbines.
  • They rely on the weather so renewable energy sources are usually unreliable. If the wind drops, then there won't be any energy from the wind turbines.
  • They can't be used on a large scale as they won't be able to meet the demand for energy for a long time and for large areas.


Renewable energy sources are much better in terms of pollutants being released and the severity of the pollutants. However, the main point is the energy and energy demands are rising. However, renewable energy sources will certainly not be able to meet those demands which could cause future problems. So they have to be used along with other sources of energy. They won't go for a long time either, so renewable energy sources and overall unreliable and not able to do the job effectively.


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