Mr Jones - Tzar Nicholas II




  • selfish as he does not care for the animals - "When Mr Jones got back he immediately went to sleep..."
  • drinks a lot - "Drew himself a last glass of beer"
  • He was once a good Farmer - "In the past Mr Jones .. had been a capable farmer.
  • Mr jones is the man who owns the Farm.
  • He represents the role of Tzar Nicholas II in the Russian revolution, in the story he demonstrates how capitalists exploit the working classes.

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • he was once a good farmer
  • he is now incapable of looking after the animals
  • after the revolution he goes to the pub to complain
  • Jones tries to recapture the farm but fails and is humiliated
  • Jones ends up dying "in an inebriates' home"
  • "some of the animals talked of loyalty to Mr Jones, whom they referred to as 'Master'."




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