Impacts of the French Revolution

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Impacts of the French Revolution


  • The French Revolution


  • Repression from Pitt - the government feared violent uprising in Britain, and was angered by the execution of Louis XVII. British public wanted strong government and feared Republican ideas.
  • Pitt's response - suspension of Habeas Corpus (no right to trial and no justification to arrest).
  • 1795 Treasonable Practices Act made it an offence to speak out against the King.
  • British Agents went around combating any attempts to incite revolution by the French.
  • Press was censored, and Corresponding societies banned -which prevented the growth of radicalism.
  • War with France 1793 - Pitt feared for British security.

Overall summary

Pitt's reaction could be viewed as an overreaction. There had been several poor harvests, high bread prices and falls in trade that created unrest, with radicals focusing on revolutionary rhetoric rather than action. A weak policy could have led to revolution but Pitt's repressive policy undid many British liberties and set a repressive precedent in British government for many years to come.


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