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Personality and policies

1952 election

  • Republican
  • honourable
  • affable
  • gregarious
  • soldier who commanded respect and inspired confidence in troops
  • little  interest in politics in his early life
  • little experience in politics
  • Dynamic conservatism (conservative to money, liberal to humans)- he recognised popularity of FDRS 'New Deal'- kick starting the economy- he did same- highway system etc (in strengths)
  • 1952 one landslide victory in the election
  • ended 20 years of democratic presidency
  • defeated Adlai Stevenson
  • ran with Nixon who had experience- balanced the ticket and offset his inexperience
  • ignored Stevenson and attacked Truman
  • promise to go to Korea and end the war
  • took largest percentage of popular vote then any other republican candidate

Strengths as president, successful policies

Weaknesses as president, unsuccessful policies

  • successful first term- economic growth- consumer boom
  • ended Korean War- made him favourite in 1956 election (despite heart attack in 1955)
  • in run up to 1956 he dealt with crises in both Hungary and Egypt- quality and calm leadership
  • dealings with McCarthy and Civil rights could have been improved
  • Domestic Policies were largely successful
  • balancing the budget was achieved and lowered inflation
  • 2 civil rights acts
  • only 10 of 83 bills were rejected
  • developed relationship with Church and Religious leaders and the church (US previously secular state)- national days of prayer- featured for rest of century
  • created Department of Health Education and Welfare
  • expansion of social security benefit to cover 10 million
  • increase min wage to 25%
  • $500 million available for low income public housing (insufficient but showed he cared)
  • Federal Aid Highway Act  19576- 41000 miles of interstate highways
  • soil bank
  • admitted Alaska and Hawaii as states
  • 2 civil rights acts 1957 and 1960
  • didn't defend Marshall from McCarthy, Marshall was more of a hero than him
  • democrats retained control of Congress which they secured in mid terms in 1954
  • first president to not have majority inn House or Senate
  • faced 3 recessions so management wasn't great
  • dealings with McCarthy and Civil Rights could have been improved
  • some in congress argued that he didn't use his powers to ensure justice and individual freedom
  • performed badly in midterm elections 1958
  • blamed for 2nd recession  and perceived defeat in the space race- SU- Sputnik satellite October 1957, 'Laika' first dog, November 1957
  • domestic spending rose from 31 to 45% in 1961- had promised to reduce spending
  • 1/4 in poverty
  • Nixon brought in tension with the media, and rumours of corruption that jarred Ikes promise that his Admin would be 'clean as a hounds tooth'. Accusations he used  $18000 of political donations for personal use- got out of it by televising a speech explaining his actions-'Checkers Speech' - good public response- Ike kept him on.
  • Nixon influence over the GOP which likely led to failure of Ikes 'Modern Republicanism' to become the long term party platform
  • The loss of both houses 1954 kept republican party from control of the senate till 1980 and House till 1994
  • Voters liked Ike, but he ignored them which led to  backlash and conservative republicans coming to the fore.
  • Ike's war hero status protected him from McCarthy- half of pop in favour of McCarthy, Ike feared direct confrontation would weaken his prestige or turn to McCarthy's advantage
  • McCarthy held televised hearing on communist influence in the Army-Ike outraged- Joselph Welch (lawyer for the army)- 'have you no sense of decency,sir, at long last'- destroyed his rep


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