Eisenhower in Vietnam

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  • Eisenhower 1953-1961
    • continued truman's policy of funding the french war
      • saw control of indochina vital
    • 1954 Dien Bien  Phu-15,000 french army defeated.
      • Ike refused support
      • Geneva conference- Vietnam to be split at the 17th parallel.
        • no foreign troops
        • com north, cap south. Nationwide elections 1956
        • Us refused to sign due to allowance of communist north
      • signalled the end of france in vietnam
    • republican trusted by public with foreign policy
    • 1955 set up SEATO after french withdrew
      • Diem won rigged election in SV
    • 1956 Diem blocks national elections. US send 600 "advisers"
      • 1959 Vietcong uprising


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