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  • Cool to wear.
  • Comfortable to wear and soft against skin (soft handle).
  • Can withstand wear and tear.
  • It is non-static so does not attract dirt.
  • Staple fibre traps air - insulating.
  • Washed easily/easy care. Stronger when wet.
  • Does not irritate skin.


  • Not a very strong fabric.
  • Absorbent - heavy and takes a long time to dry, also stains easily.
  • Poor elasticity so creases badly.
  • Shrinks badly.
  • Highly flammable and burns quickly.
  • Attacked by mildew if left damp.


International cotton symbol is only used on 100% cotton products. This implies pure cotton and good quality cotton to the consumer. Can be blended with polyester to blend positive properties from both. Used to make sheets, towels, clothing, socks, furnishings. 


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