Compare and Contrast table

A table showing the ways in which the approaches can be compared.

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Approaches ­ Compare and Contrast
Biological Behaviourist Cognitive Psychodynamic
Nomothetic/Idiographic Nomothetic ­ generalises Nomothetic (also more Nomothetic (idiographic Idiographic (individual
results to all people/seeks relevant to animals than case studies) case studies)
similarities. humans)
Nature/Nurture Nature (internal) ­ how Nurture (external) role of
Nature (& nurture) ­ Nature & Nurture ­
our genetic make up nurture is exaggerated, although ignores role of considers factors we are
influences behaviour. learning is all that genes, and important born with and childhood
matters. Focuses on the social and culture experiences
here and now factors.
Reductionist/Holistic Reductionist ­ reduces Reductionist Reductionist (CBT is Reductionist ­ simplifies
complex behaviours to holistic) ­ mechanistic personality development
simple explanations approach, simple and and id, ego and superego.
Freewill/Determinist Determinist if we Determinist ­ behaviour Determinist (element of Determinist ­ implies that
know what is influenced almost freewill) schemas people cannot be held
predetermines our exclusively by responsible for their
behaviour, we can treat it associations behaviour
Scientific/Non scientific Scientific ­ explains Scientific ­ stimulus and Scientific ­ eg: attribution Non scientific ­ the
behaviour in terms of the response behaviours, can theory can be tested theories are not falsifiable
brain, neurotransmitters be analysed, quantified through research and as they cannot be proved
and hormones. Has clear and compared controls or disproved.
variables that can be variables/discovers
measured. causal relationships
Methodology used Lab experiments, twin Lab experiments ­ Lab experiments, clinical Case studies, clinical
studies observation, animal case studies interviews
Examples Psychosurgery Bandura's SLT Loftus & Palmer Little Hans
Twin studies Pavlov's Dogs Loftus Weapon Effect Dream Analysis
CAT/PET scans Skinner's Rats

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