Factors contributing to injury

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Factors contributing to injury


  • Environmental Factor: Frozen Pitch


  • Slip Hazard
  • Hard Ground
  • Risk of injury, concussion (banging head), Fracture wrist falling, contusions from impact of falling, cuts or abrashions from sliding on frozen surface.
  • Increased liklihood of sustaining injury therefore being unable to play or train in the future until recovery is complete.

Overall summary

Environmental Factors such as a frozen pitch in sports such as Rugby or Football could potentially contribute to increased risk of injury or harm. Injuries likely to be sustained in this situation are potential, broken wrist from fall onto hard surface, concussion from banging head on hard surface, contusions from landing on hard surface or cuts and abrasions from sliding on frozen ground.All of these are acute injuries and several could lead to prolonged absence from the sport during recovery. 


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