stages of fracture repair

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  • (2)          Stages of Fracture Healing: Repair Phase
    • periosteum cells replicate + transform
      • periosteal cells proximal to the fracture gap => chondroblasts => hyaline cartilage
        • periosteal cells distal to the fracture gap => osteoblasts => woven bone
          • fibroblasts in the granulation tissue => chondroblasts => hyaline cartilage
            • two new tissues grow in size until  united with their counterparts from other parts of the fracture
              • processes happen inheterogenous tissue (fracture callus.)
                • fracture gap  bridged by hyaline cartilage / woven bone, restors some original strength
                  • replacement of the hyaline cartilage and woven bone with lamellar bone.
                    • known as endochondralossification with respect to the hyaline cartilage andbony substitution with respect to the woven bone.
                      • mineralized matrix  penetrated by channels containing a micro vessel and  osteoblasts
                        • lamellar bone is in the form of trabecular bone
                          • woven bone + cartilage of original fracture callus is replaced by trabecular bone, restors most of  bone's original strength.
  • (3)         Stages of Fracture Healing: Remodelling
    • substitutes  trabecular bone with compact bone
      • trabecular bone  resorbed by osteoclasts, creates shallow resorption pit  "Howship's lacuna"
        • osteoblasts deposit compact bone in resorption pit.
          • racture callus remodeled into a newshape close to the bone's original shape / strength
            • takes 3 to 5 years depending onfactors such as age or general condition


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