Advantages and disadvantages of Catalysts in Industrial Reactions.




  • Catalysts speed up the rate of reactio, which saves money because the plant doesn't have to operate for as long to produce the same amount of product.
  • Catalysts allow the reaction to work at a much lower temperature. This reduces the energy used up in a reaction which is good for sustainable development.
  • They save industries money.
  • They never get used up in a reaction so once you've got them you can use them over and over again.


  • They are very expensive to buy.
  • They often need to be removed from a product and cleaned.
  • Different reactions use different catalysts, so if you make more than one product you need more than one catalyst.
  • Catalysts can be ruined by impurities, so they stop working.


They are very useful as they save both time and money as well as helping to save energy and therefore saving resources.




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