Zoo Licensing Act 1981

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  • Zoo Licensing Act 1981
    • At least 2 months before application...
      • notice of intention to apply for zoo license and submit to local authority
      • publish in local newspaper and national paper
      • display notice at site of zoo
    • first license granted for 4 years
    • subsequent licenses last 6 years
    • licenses can be transferred with approval of local authority
    • inspection types
      • Informal
        • takes place any year no other inspection is taking place
        • single local authority inspector
        • no notice
        • checks for no obvious mismanagement, conditions of license are met, progress on recommendations, and any new exhibits or changes
      • Periodical
        • takes place during 3rd and 6th year of license
        • 3 local authority representatives (incl. vet and 2 from secretary of state)
        • 28 days notice
        • covers health, welfare and safety of public and animals
        • requires access to records
        • zoos may be awarded dispensation
      • Special
        • can happen at any time
        • zoo must be told reason. can be because of concerns raised by other inspections, concerns raised by a group about welfare or zoo management, or other circumstances requiring investigation
      • License
        • one or more secretary of state inspectors
        • zoo operator given at least 28 days notice
        • inspector completes report and sends copy to zoo within one month
        • local authority decides whether to extend license and sends conditions to zoo
    • Exceptions
      • requirements may be relaxed for small zoos with not hazardous species
      • local authority has no powers under the act to inspect a zoo


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