The Yellow Palm

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  • Yellow Palm
    • Purpose
      • Describes a  street in Baghdad
        • Some scenes are violent & distressing.
          • Others are peaceful.
    • Structure
      • 2nd and 4th lines rhyme
        • Shows the street life is the same.
      • Last paragraph is not negative.
        • Shows hope. happy ending.
    • Imagery
      • "barbarian sun"
        • Vivid colours, natural beauty
      • Senses
        • "I pressed my hands"
          • Attempt to belong
    • Language
      • "Mother of all Wars
        • Saddam Hussain used these words.
      • "yellow dates"
        • Shrivelled on the outside but sweet inside.
          • Links violence and peace in scenes.
    • Tone
      • Repetition "As I made my way down Palestine Street"
        • 1. Detached from surroundings
        • 2. Lots to see, takes his time
        • 3. Doesn't feel like a home for anyone.


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