English GCSE - Hawk Roosting

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  • Hawk Roosting - Ted Hughes
    • What's it about?
      • A hawk boasting about its power. It thinks it is the most important creature in the world. This could be a metaphor for the behaviour of politicians.
    • Form
      • It is a dramatic monologue to make the narrators argument direct.
    • Structure
      • Ends with a confident statement about the future. Emphasises the hawks sense of power. Some repitition to emphasise key ideas.
    • Formal language
      • Implies a strong sense of pride and superiority.
    • Personification
      • Earth is made out to be a humble subject of the hawk.
    • Self-centred language
      • Uses a lot of first person pronouns to show how important the hawk is in its world.
    • Violent language
      • Contains strong images of violence and death to show how good the hawk is at killing but not being emotional about it.
    • Power
      • The hawk is presented as powerful and destructive.
    • Arrogance
      • The hawk's attitude is egotistical as it thinks its perfect.
    • Comparisons
      • Causes of conflict - The Yellow Palm, The Right Word; Nature - The Falling Leaves; Death - Mametz Wood


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