Year 8 Chemistry Revision

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  • Year 8 Chemistry revision subjects
    • Solutions
      • Solubility in different solvents
      • separating mixtures
      • Change of state
    • Rocks, weathering and the rock cycle
      • Types of rock+ how they are formed+ their characteristics
      • Fossil formation
      • Limestones
      • Limestones reaction with acids and acid rain
      • Formation of a cave
      • Crystal size
      • The rock cycle
    • Untitled
    • Atoms, elements, mixtures and compounds
      • Composition of the air
      • Conservation of mass
      • Fractional distillation of the air
      • Chemical formulae
      • Formation of compounds and the differences between them
      • recognising elements, mixtures  and compounds from particle diagrams
      • Sections of the periodic table
      • Difference between compounds and mixtures


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