WW1 Medicine: General Info

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  • WWI Medicine: General Info
    • Lice
      • Left blotchy red marks all over body.
      • Carried Trench Fever
        • Didn't kill but stopped soldiers fighting.
    • Trench Foot
      • Swollen and cold feet
      • Blisters common
      • Black toes, blue foot.
      • Toes and feet may die and become gangrenous
    • Dysentery
      • Disease involving inflammation of lining of intestines.
      • Inflammation=Stomach pains, diarrhoea, can be fatal if body dehydrates.
    • Industrialisation of Warfare
      • Weapons more powerful and lethal.
    • Anti Tetanus Injections
      • Helped with tetanus
    • Helmets reduced head wounds by 80%
    • Even horses had to wear gas masks.
      • Gases didn't help one side win the war, but did increase levels of suffering on both sides
      • GERS 68,000 tonnes of gas
      • GB 25,000 tonnes of gas
      • FRANCE 36,000 tonnes of gas
    • Men had permanent masks constructed onto their face to hide their facial disfigurement
    • Barbed Wire
      • Invented by Americans
      • Slowed enemy advance
      • Forced soldiers to rise above ground, making them bigger and easier targets
    • Officers suffered some of the worst psychological effects as they had to repress their emotions to set an example to their men
      • War neurosis 4x higher in Officers than Soldiers


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