WWFs 4 scenarios

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  • WWF's 4 scenarios
    • Background
      • WWF's living planet report has also attempted to model ways of ending the ecological deficit
      • Ecological deficit: the amount by which the ecological footprint exceeds the biological capacity of the space available to that population
      • defining scenariosdoesnt mean that this will invetiablyhappen
      • the future is unpredictable and is shaped by peoples attitudes,economicstate and the decision makers
    • Business as usual
      • leading to an increased ecological footprint
      • no reduction in the overshoot or the degree of which consumption exceeds biological capacties
      • everyone just carries on as they are now , no policies or control measures put in place
    • Slow shift
      • gradually reducing the ecological footprint
      • reducing the footprint by developing many sustainable policies so that biological capacities by 2100
      • long term global treaties and policies
    • Rapid reduction
      • producing radical policies to control ecological footprints
      • wants to eliminate the overshoot by 2040
      • Global short term treatys
    • shrink and share
      • breaking down the world into regions
      • sharing a responsibility of controlling the overshoot by global cooperation
      • regions have there own responsibility


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