Wuthering Heights

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  • takes the form of a diary (indicated by the opening date of 1801)
  • the realism of the diary form contrasts with the otherness of the events that take place in the novel.
  • A letter is used. It's used for Isabella so that we can heat her voice and see what has happened in her absence.
  • Most of the narrative is in the feminine voice of Nelly.
  • People have noted that this is a comment upon the underlying reliance of males on women.


  • Dual Narrative. Lockwood recounting Nelly's retelling of the events.
  • Nelly sometimes takes on the voice of other characters, like when she reads Isabella's letter.
  • The story within a story structure is mirrored in the room within a room of the oak cupboard where Cathy sleeps. This shows the complicated nature of the plot and relationships within the novel.


  • Poetic…




This is pretty awesome!

Beth Haworth


Great for GCSE, could do with more technical language and greater detail if aiming for an A* though :)

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