Writing techniques

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  • Writing techniques
    • Descriptive language
    • Metaphors and similes
    • Analogy and personification
      • Analogies are just fancy comparisons
    • Alliteration and onomatopoeia
      • Alliteration means; repeating the same sound
        • makes the sentence seem more interesting to the reader
      • Onomatopoeia means; using words that imitate noises
        • description of the sounds more vivid to the reader
    • Irony and sarcasm
      • Irony is saying the opposite of what you mean
      • Sarcasm is nastier than irony
    • Technical and emotive language
      • Technical language is often used to support an argument
      • Emotive language is used to persuade
    • Structure
      • Introductions create interest in the text


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