Media and Non-Fiction Texts

The PEE Technique, writing to persuade & advise tips

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Media and Non-Fiction Texts

The PEE Technique:

Point - Make a point

Evidence - Use a quote or example from the text

Explanation - Explain how the evidence illustrates your point.

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Writing to persuade techniques

To Persuade:

M - Markers or connectives

Y - You, direct address

F - Facts

O - Opening statement/opinion

R - Rhetorical Questions/repetition

E - Evidence/exageration

S - Statistics/strong ending

T - Three, Lists of

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Writing to argue techniques

To Advise:

A - Advice must be clear

D - Do keep in role

V - Vocab, include modal verbs

I - Informal tone, but polite

C - Choices, a range must be given

E - Be Encouraging and motivating

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