World Debt

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  • World Debt
    • World Bank
      • A joint bank owned by governments of over 180 countries set up to provide loans for development.
    • Debt
      • A borrowed sum of money which you need to pay back.
    • Interest Bank
      • The charge for taking a loan, given as % of the loan.
    • Tariff
      • A tax which governments puts on imports and sometimes on exports.
    • Subsidy
      • Grant (e.g - growing a crop)
    • How does a country go into heavy debt?
      • The next year the country sells crops and minerals to others as usual...
        • But these prices have dropped again
          • So it does not earn as much as hoped
            • But it still has to pay interest on loans...
              • Which then leaves it short of money to pay for imports and development projects....


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