Ghana - An LEDC

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  • Why is Ghana a LEDC?
    • Historical
      • Ghana was a colony in the times of the British Empire.
        • Hinders development as other countries may take resources.
      • Colony and Slave trade meant there was political unrest for over 150 years.
      • Gained independence in 1957 so gave limited time to start developing
    • Environmental
      • Land is being cleared and destroyed for farming
      • Desertification
      • Deforestation
        • Soil becomes more infertile which means less crop growth which can hinder development.
    • Political
      • In Past had unstable goverment which is now stable.
    • Economic
      • Ghana owes $2.6 billion in debt
      • Still needs to borrow more to increase development.
    • Trading Troubles
      • World price of cocoa fluctuates and so Ghanian farmers dont always get stable income
      • Ghanian farmers cant always compete with cheap rice imported from EU and USA - This puts them out of business.
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