Working Towards a Sustainable Future Mock NEA Mindmap

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  • Working Towards a Sustainable Future
    • Materials
      • Reuse
        • Could be useful if it can be repurposed
      • Reduce
        • Should be economical with resources/ materials
      • Recycle
        • Made of recycled materials
        • Must be High Quality Materials, so it can be recycled easily
      • Repair
        • Must be easy to repair
          • Could use stock parts, and/or include tools to maintain it
      • Rethink
    • Usage
      • Renewable Energy
        • Solar
          • Solar Powered Power Bank
            • Rechargeable Battery
          • Solar Powered Phone screen
        • Wind
          • Wind Turbines that can fold away when not in use
        • Hydroelectric
          • Coastal Defences
        • Rechargeable Battery


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