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  • product design
    • job production
      • A one-off item specially made for one thing or one person
    • sustainable materials
      • Can be replaced continuously
      • Can be reused and recycled indefinitely
      • Biodegradable
      • made from renewable sources
    • 6 R's
      • Reduce
      • Re-use
      • Recycle
      • Repair
      • Refuse
      • Re-think
    • COSHH
      • Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health
    • manufactured board
      • Processed wood
      • Advantages
        • Comes in large sizes
        • stable material
        • Easy to work with
        • can be painted or polished
      • Disadvantages
        • Not as attractive as solid wood
        • Edges need to be covered to hide the insides
        • More expensive
  • methods of production
    • Batch Production
      • When a batch of something is mad, this is quicker then one-off's.
    • process production
      • where a material goes through a series of machines and ends up as a different product (trees into paper
    • Flow Production
      • A process in which people are adding to it as they go


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