Why we need principles of Statutory Interpretation

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  • Why we need principles of statutory interpretation
    • Ambiguous words - Fisher v Bell 1960 'offering for sale'
    • Broad words/phrases - Brock v DPP 1993 'type' Dangerous Dogs Act
    • Changes in the use of language - Cheeseman v DPP 1990 'passenger' Street Offences Act
    • Same word used in Act but in different context - 'likely' Human Rights Act 1998
    • Advances in technology - RCN v DHSS 1981 regarding abortion
    • Drafting errors - Inco Europe v First Choice Distribution 2000 - Act abolished right of appeal to court
    • Changing times/society's views - Fitzpatrick v Sterling Housing Association 1999 - Rent Act regarding homosexual couple
    • Guidance given by Parliament in Interpretation Act 1978 doesn't really help


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