Why war with Spain?

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  • Why War With Spain? 1895
    • To free Cuba!
      • TELLER AMENDMENT - people of Cuba have the right to be independent
      • Mckinley - "1. put an end to barbarities, 2. owe it to Cuba 3. protect trade & business"
    • War Hunger
      • End of frontier meant nothing to do - restless!
      • Navy had drawn up plans to attack the Spanish since 1897
      • Navy had grown considerably but had yet to be tested
    • The Economy
      • Increase business of railraods & output of factories (stimulate industry)
      • 86% of Cubas exports went to USA
      • USA had $50 million invested in Cuba
    • Sinking of the Maine
      • 1898 the Maine suffered an explosion and lost 266 sailors
      • "work of an enemy" - artists showed renditions of how Spanish sabatagors had done this
      • 1970's revealed that it was actuallu an accidental explosion caused by faulty design
    • Yellow Press
      • Public opinion of the Maine explosion forced McKinley (due to reports in press)
      • "Spanish Cannibalism" - the outrageous headlines caused symapthy for Cuba
      • Pulitzer transformed newspapers with scandalous coverage through drawings & comicstrips
    • Manifest Destiny
      • Felt that Cuba was rightfully theirs (only 200km away)
    • Cubas Location
      • Strategically placed in terms of controlling the Gulf of Mexico and trade with South America
      • If Panama Canal was to be built, it would only increase its importance


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