The League of Nations 1930s - Disarmament conference

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  • Why did the Disarmament Conference fail?
    • Depression
      • Countries felt vulnerable
        • No-one wanted to lose their army
      • Countries were more interested in sorting out unemployment
      • Goodwill and co-operation had disappeared as each country was suffering
    • Britain and France
      • France didn't want to disarm because it was on the border of Germany and felt threatened
      • Britain had the biggest Navy in the world and was unwilling to make it smaller
        • It also needed to be able to protect its empire
    • Germany, Russia, Italy and Japan
      • Germany was busy rearming
        • It had to disarm after WW1 and felt that it was unfair no-one else was
      • Japan had attacked Manchuria
      • These countries wanted to build up their armies and invade other countries to build up popularity
      • Russia felt threatened by the East so was building up defences, not disarming


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