why was king alfred called the great?

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  • Why was king Alfred called the 'Great'?
    • defended the kingdom
      • building an army ,forts and walls
    • He was wise
      • he made a peace treaty(treaty of wedmore)
    • he had a strong army
      • he was the only saxon king who could win against the Vikings and was the last saxon king
    • he was brave
      • he went into battle ,he didn't just let his army do it alone
    • he had strong faith
      • he asked god to help him be a better king and rule justicely
    • he was kind
      • he let the Vikings have some land if they didn't attack him and made the peace treaty
    • 'England's Schoolmaster'
      • he learnt how to read and write in English and latin
      • he set up schools for boys
      • translated books from latin to english
    • he was a keen historian
      • he started the Anglo-Saxon chronical (a diary)
      • he wanted his people to know who they were and where they came from
    • he is thought of as a hero of the Christian church
      • he built many fine buildings for churches, monasteries and royal halls
    • he made Wessex was a stronger ,safer and be a better place




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